CPA Pipeline Toolkit

Whether you’re planning on talking to middle school, high school or college students—or even CPA Exam candidates—the AICPA has put together materials to help make your engagement opportunities a success.

These materials were created using best practices along with AICPA research about various student audiences. The following presentation guide, slides, videos and awareness collateral were designed to help state societies, CPAs and other professionals engage with future accounting professionals.

Presentations, Toolkits and Guides

Pay it Forward: Your How-To Guide for Inspiring Students to Become CPAs
Available format: Online, PDF

  • This toolkit includes information to help you increase students’ awareness of—and interest in—accounting careers and all they have to offer. In it, you’ll find:
    • Tips for presenting to various student audiences

    • Information to help you better understand your audience

    • Links to additional materials and resources created for students

ThisWaytoCPA Presentation
Available format: PowerPoint

  • What is a CPA? This customizable PowerPoint introduces students to the accounting profession, the AICPA, and the CPA credential and discusses eligibility requirements, benefits of becoming a CPA, and the CPA Exam.

Potential, Prestige & Purpose: A Primer to the Accounting Profession
Available formats: Online, PowerPoint, PDF, Order physical copies

  • Use this resource as a general introduction to the accounting profession.

​Crafting Your Career: An Actionable Plan for a Rewarding Work Life ​
Available formats: Online, PDF, Order physical copies

  • This guide exists to help students piece together an exciting and rewarding career path and contains accounting-specific information for those on the path to becoming a certified public accountant (CPA).


Let's Talk Business

  • Accountants are the backbone of the business world. In this video, Ming Lu, an accounting professor at Santa Monica College, takes students down the career paths of three young CPAs in various industries so they can hear first-hand what it’s like to work as a CPA in the fields of education, tax, business and industry and forensic accounting.

Virtual Field Trips

  • Students go on virtual field trips across the country to meet real CPAs and see what a life in accounting is really like.

Videos for the Classroom

  • CPAs share their insights on a variety of topics such as the value of diversity in the accounting profession, how pursuing an accounting Ph.D. pays off, and the importance of having a mentor.

ThisWaytoCPA Webinars

  • ThisWaytoCPA is the AICPA's home for accounting college students and faculty and hosts webinars covering accounting careers, the CPA Exam, scholarships, CPA Evolution, and more (may require site registration or AICPA Student Affiliate Membership).

View Student Webinars | View Accounting Faculty/Professional Webinars

Accounting Program for Building the Profession (APBP) Materials

The AICPA Accounting Program for Building the Profession (APBP) trains high-school teachers to deliver the program's advanced accounting curriculum - a two-semester, honors-level course - at their school. The curriculum integrates managerial and financial accounting to show how accounting facilitates business and narrates a company’s inner workings through its financial statements.

APBP Presentation
Available format: PowerPoint

  • This PowerPoint explains the program's benefits and is designed for presentations to school boards and other stakeholders.

APBP Implementation Package
Available format: Online, PDF, PowerPoint, Word

  • Access the program's how-to guide, customizable program proposal letters, and marketing tools and resources needed to get stakeholders on board with implementing the program.