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Free classroom extras, delivered right to your school courtesy of your friends at Start Here, Go Places. We have games (think: CPA BINGO), Futurizer Wheels (think: A real spinning wheel for career exploration), and semester calendars full of activities and professional development articles. And more! Choose the materials that best fit your lesson plans, tell us your preferred quantity and sign up/in to complete your order. Then, we'll get them headed your way.

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Potential, Prestige & Purpose: A primer to the accounting profession

Courtesy of our sister site,, this booklet is the go-to resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the accounting profession. It describes what exactly accountants do, details the benefits of becoming one, explains the difference between accountants and CPAs, highlights the skills and attributes that CPAs need to succeed, shares salary ranges for various positions and much more. Use the 'Download' button to access the PDF or download the booklet here as a PowerPoint presentation.

Path to CPA

Show your students what their path to being a CPA could look like from high school, through college and beyond. What does it take to be a CPA? Find out on this interactive journey.Want a poster for your classroom? Use the "Request for My Classroom" link at the top right-hand corner of this page.

Recruitment Posters

Decorate your walls with these bright posters and show your students how they can parlay their interests today into an accounting career tomorrow. Don't forget to write in your course info so they know where they can start on their path to becoming a CPA.Request yours now! Hint: Use the "Request for My Classroom" link at the top right-hand corner of this page.

Career Guide

Your students may think they know what being an accountant would be like, but they have no idea. This guide can show them that the career opportunities for a CPA are pretty much endless. Whether they’re into animals or travel or sports, there are tons of cool, well-paying, jobs in the accounting arena. Request yours now! Hint: Use the "Request for My Classroom" link at the top right-hand corner of this page.

S-H-G-P-O Bingo

You stare down at your card. You’re one slot away from a straight line through the center. The only opening left? “Deficit.” The teacher reads, “Sudden property loss caused by theft, accident or natural causes.” Do you raise your hand and declare “Bingo”? Not if you’ve read the Accounting Glossary closely; in which case you’d know that this definition goes with the phrase “casualty loss.” This fast-paced game, played with the included cards or your own versions, will strengthen students’ grasp of some basic accounting terminology while giving them a fun incentive to comprehend each definition completely.Prepare the game by printing enough of the included Bingo cards for each of your students. You can also print and cut out the Bingo chips included with this exercise, or give each student a small handful of durable, inexpensive items (pennies would work). Then read the definitions – not the words themselves, just the definitions – one by one from your initial list of terms, checking each one off as you go. As a student recognizes a definition that goes with one of the spaces on his or her card, he or she places an item over that tile. The first student to complete a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row of filled tiles, or to complete all four corners of the card, wins. However, the winner’s card must be checked against your list of items that have been read aloud. If one of the card's filled spaces corresponds to a definition that hasn’t come up yet, all tiles are removed and the student must start over. You can adjust difficulty of the game by choosing trickier or simpler terms, or by omitting easily confused terms. If class time is limited, make the game go more quickly by making the center square “free,” and letting students cover the four corners at the game’s beginning. Request yours now! Hint: Use the "Request for My Classroom" link at the top right-hand corner of this page.