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Taking your classroom online with free Virtual Resources

As the nation responds to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), teachers across the country are being challenged to maintain a robust learning environment without physical access to a classroom.

One of our core guiding principles at the AICPA is to keep our members and students at the heart of everything we do. We believe that introducing high school students early into the accounting profession will help fill a talented pipeline with future CPAs. This is possible because of teachers, like you, who push and encourage students to start their journey in this profession.

To help keep your students engaged, inspired and informed from afar, we've pulled together a list of free online tools, games and resources that can be shared with both parents and students:

  1. Virtual Classroom Support
    • Looking for virtual classroom advice? Accounting Is Analytics - an online accounting teaching resource developed by accounting professors at Kent State University, the University of South Florida and Austin Community College, are hosting webinars this week for teachers who are moving classes online. Visit their website to sign up for their webinars today.

  2. Bank On It Online Accounting Game
    • If your students crave a little friendly competition, our Bank On It game is the perfect way for them to see who is most fluent in accounting principles. The game will put their knowledge to the test and present them with real, working-world scenarios. In the absence of college basketball's March contest, try the Bank On It tournament functionality and create a competition bracket within your classroom! For instructions on how to set this up, click here.

  3. Free Online Learning Platforms
    • Students can continue learning about the accounting profession outside of the classroom with Khan Academy and EverFi -- two free online learning platforms with sections that explore accounting, finance, and business topics at a pace that's right for them. For learning in short spurts, students can also download Accounting Bootcamp by Southern Illinois University Edwardsville on the Apple App Store.

  4. Virtual Field Trips
    • Students can visit the wonderful world of accounting - all in the comfort of their PJs - with our Virtual Field Trips. Since 2012, we've visited 14 CPAs across different industries to explore their roles and to give an inside scoop on what it's like to be an accountant.

  5. Virtual Games
    • Staying home doesn't mean students can't have a little bit of fun together - and learn along the way! Invite students to play a variety of games using video conferencing resources (like Zoom and Webex) that are offered free to K-12 schools. For those who love a good quiz show, Indiana University of Pennsylvania developed an accounting Jeopardy slide deck that also allows you to create your own questions. If your students are more into board games, Labyrinth Learning developed a way to learn accounting through Monopoly. If you have the board game at home, you can serve as a game master while your students play along online.

  6. Free Internet Access
    • For some students, virtual learning may not possible because of financial constraints. Internet providers, like Spectrum and Comcast, are offering free internet access for 60 days and free installation to households with either K-12 or college students who don't currently use the service.

As always, we're here to help support you during this uncertain time. If you need additional help or have an idea for a fun resource we can provide, feel free to email us at