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Tourney Time—Bank On It Bracket Battles: Set up your own classroom tournament

How to set up your own Bank On It® classroom tournament

Bank On It is an interactive online game designed to help students master accounting concepts and trivia. It offers an ever-growing collection of CPA-approved content that focuses on business and industry, public and non-profit accounting, as well as financial literacy.

Hosting a Bank On It tournament in your classroom is a great way to take advantage of class time and earn some points with your students. After all, they’ll get to go head-to-head, putting the accounting knowledge you’ve taught them to the test in a fun, interactive way. And, in turn, you’ll get a classroom full of engaged students vying for the title of classroom champ. It’s a win-win.

Whether you want to test your students’ skills, or reward them for a job well done, setting up your very own Bank On It tournament is easy:

1. Sign into your Start Here, Go Places. educator account. If you don't already have an educator account, set one up now.

2. Go to 'Settings' to retrieve your Bank On It Educator (Classroom) Code.

3. Instruct your students to add your Educator Code to their Start Here, Go Places. student accounts.

  1. Students with existing accounts:
  2. i. Log into Start Here, Go Places. Student Edition.

    ii. Click 'My Settings.'

    iii. Click Update under School Information.

    iv. Add your code in the Classroom Code field.

    v. Click ‘Save.’

  3. Students without an existing account:
  4. i. Go to Start Here, Go Places. Student Edition.

    ii. Click ‘Sign In.’

    iii. Complete the Sign Up fields and include your code in the Classroom Code field.

4. Hover over the Bank On It section of the top navigation of the educator homepage and click Bank On It Educator’s Guide. Then choose 'Go Play' on the right side of the screen (or simply go to and sign in using your Start Here, Go Places. account info).

5. Click the 'Tournaments' button at the top of the page. Don’t forget to note your classroom code so you can give it to your students to track their play.

6. Click the 'New Tournament' button at the bottom of the pop-up window and select your preferences to design your tournament. After giving it a name, select 'Create Tournament.' It’s that simple. TIP: We recommend having students play a practice round against the computer before the competition commences to make sure our system automatically recognizes them when it’s go time.

7. Let the battle begin!

Create a new tournament

Get the full Bank On It Educators' Guide

If you have any questions along the way, email us at