Not just ready. Accounting ready.


The AICPA/NAF Recognition Program is designed to prepare your students for a career in accounting by giving them the knowledge as well as the technical and soft skills they’ll need to be competitive in the profession. This multi-faceted program is fueled by NAF and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA)—the world’s largest member association for the accounting profession. 

Once students have completed the five steps (below) and graduated, they’ll also get recognition from the AICPA. (It’s a great way to boost their résumés and college applications!)

To help your students get accounting ready, have each of them: 

1. Create a student account

In order to access the program, be sure to have them mark that they attend a NAF academy during the registration process. All NAF Academy themes are eligible. 

2. Take two online surveys:

  • Pre-program survey: The AICPA would like to know more about what your students know—and think—about the profession. 
  • Post-program survey: The AICPA would like to find out how likely they’ll be to continue their accounting education.

Students will receive the pre-program survey via email soon after they create their account. Similarly, the post-program survey link will be received once they have completed the remaining requirements.

3. Complete (at least) two AICPA-approved NAF courses

Students can choose from: 

  • Principles of Finance
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting

4. Virtually attend and complete online programs

This includes three enrichment webcasts (as designated by the AICPA), designed to help students:

  • Understand the soft and technical skills it takes to excel
  • Learn about the wide variety of career paths within accounting
  • See the value in pursuing additional accounting courses
  • Prepare for an internship experience

5. Successfully complete NAFTrack Certification including an internship.

The position must be paid and include at least 120 hours of work. Successful completion will be determined by the final score on the NAF internship assessment. Also, the position must be in alignment with NAF internship guidelines .

And if you, or any of your participating students, have questions throughout the program, please email us at .