Why Accounting Could be Right for You

A career in accounting has nearly limitless possibilities and can appeal to different types of students for a myriad of reasons. That’s why it’s always helpful to equate the principles you’re teaching in class to the world of options available in the accounting profession. After all, accountants do all kinds of different things, work for all kinds of organizations, can forge their own unique path and get paid well for it, in addition to being in demand.

Not only are many students simply unaware of all the benefits of the accounting profession in general, but they also aren’t familiar with the different types of accounting roles that exist. And, as they say, “if you don’t see it, you don’t know you can be it.” This activity introduces students to optional careers within the profession to get them thinking about all the reasons accounting could be right for them.

Have your students watch the Let’s Talk Business video on the Career Options section of our website. After finishing the video, ask students to explore the various career possibilities and descriptions on the website before answering the first two questions on their worksheets. Next, have each student go online to find three CPAs/accounting firms nearby, preferably that work in the industry they have chosen to profile. Then ask them to respond to the remaining items on the worksheet.

Once your students have completed the exercise, consider discussing as a class what students learned about each of their three choices. This is a great opportunity for students to get a more well-rounded overview of the industries and options available. Some sample questions you may want to use to further the conversation: Was there anything that surprised them? Anything the accountants/practices seem to have in common (or not)? Were there themes that came up in the websites or online reviews? Was there a lot of overlap in the skills and characteristics they believe their CPAs/firms rely on the most?

*This activity evolved from a lesson plan created by Mrs. Karen Poidomani, William Floyd High School, Mastic Beach, NY in 2015.