Who Wants to be an Accountant?

Just like any other profession, accounting has its own lingo. There are many terms and definitions to understand. So why not make learning them a little more fun and engaging for your students?

This game can be played in two different ways, either digital or classic mode. For either game style, students must choose correct accounting vocabulary definitions to climb up each of the 10 steps representing the path to a successful CPA career. The first individual or team to reach the 10th step wins!

Game Setup

Download the teacher answer key which contains the vocabulary words and definitions* and cutouts listing the 10 steps below. Then, provide your students with the cutouts or write the steps down somewhere for the class to see.

  1. Complete 150 semester hours of education.
  2. Complete experience requirements (generally at least two years).
  3. Study for the CPA Exam.
  4. Receive Notice to Schedule.
  5. Pass the CPA Exam.
  6. Applying for a CPA License.
  7. Receive your Certificate.
  8. Ace your interviews and get your first job offers.
  9. Become a full-fledged member of the AICPA.
  10. Get a corner office.

How to Play

Classic Mode

  • Break up your class into two teams and designate a “runner” for each team. To begin, read one of the vocabulary terms from your answer key along with its three accompanying possible definitions. Allow both teams to confer to come up with their “final answer.” Each team’s runner will write their answer (A, B or C) on a piece of paper and bring it to you as quickly as they can. The first team to provide the correct answer gets to take a “step.” (You can even create team markers that physically move up the “steps” during the game, if you like.)

Digital Mode

  • For a digital experience, we recommend using Kahoot! on team mode which allows students to participate using their own devices. Team mode averages the answers of the entire team to come up with the score so we suggest you turn on the “team talk” function so students can discuss their answers and come up with a consensus before submitting. This way, the team takes a step up the CPA career ladder only if all team members choose the correct answer.

How to Win

The first team that gets 10 definitions correct and makes it to a corner office wins!

*The downloadable teacher answer key has a few dozen accounting terms to start you off, but feel free to extend the options using other accounting terms you’re teaching in class or the glossary on our sister site ThisWayToCPA. You can even create your own multiple-choice questions based on your current curriculum.