Who Wants to be an Accountant

Just like any other profession, accounting has its own lingo. There are many terms and definitions to understand. So why not make learning them a little more fun and engaging for your students?

In this vocabulary game, students will work their way to successful accounting careers by choosing correct definitions. First, break up your class into two teams and designate a spokesperson for each team. Read a Start Here, Go Places. glossary term along with the three accompanying possible definitions. Allow both teams to confer and work their ways to their “final answer.” Have each team leader write an answer (A, B or C) on a piece of paper and bring it to you (so that the other team can’t be influenced by that answer). If an answer is correct, the team will receive a “step.” Each step represents an important part of becoming a CPA: 

1. Completing 150 semester hours of education
2. Completing experience requirements (generally at least two years)
3. Studying for the CPA Exam
4. Receiving Notice to Schedule
5. Passing the CPA Exam
6. Applying for CPA License
7. Receiving Certificate
8. Acing your interview and getting your first job offer
9. Becoming a full-fledged member of the AICPA
10. Getting a corner office

The first team that gets 10 definitions correct and makes its way to a corner office wins.

The downloadable answer key has approximately 20 accounting terms as samples to start you off, but you can reference the glossary to come up with as many as you would like.

Educators: Please ensure you are logged in to access additional classroom instructions. If you have any questions, you may contact us at startheregoplaces@aicpa-cima.com.

Under 45 minutes
Group activity