Where did you first learn about accounting?

In this beginning-of-the-semester activity, have your students think about their first memorable introduction to the concept of accounting using the downloadable worksheet.

After they’ve given the topic some thought and filled out the form, hold a class discussion on their initial impressions, how your accounting course has influenced their opinions so far and the many ways accounting is part of our everyday lives. (To bolster participation, consider offering some form of extra credit to students who come up with the most interesting and unexpected ways accounting influences our lives, or to students who contribute the most to the overall conversation.)

Once the discussion has wrapped up, have each student write an email to their future self that includes their first impression and current thoughts about accounting, as well as any other beliefs they hold about the profession or practice. If students are 13 or older, they can use futureme.org to schedule delivery of that email to themselves at the end of the semester. Or, if you’d prefer, you can either email all the letters to your email address and distribute them during the last week of class or (if you have a paid membership) use the ‘For teachers!’ button at the top of the site to access your administrative functionality.

At the end of the semester, when the emails have been delivered back to the students who wrote them, host a follow-up conversation. Students can either confirm their previous thoughts and beliefs or see how their perceptions have changed. These discussions not only help students reflect on their perceptions but also provide you with greater insight about what students know—and don’t know—about accounting and the profession.

Looking for ways to introduce your students to potential accounting careers? Have them use the online Future CPA Career Finder or Futurizer Wheel.