“Stay Out of the Red” Game

Stay Out of the Red: A Game of Budgeting and Financial Savvy

This 12-week family budgeting game will get your students thinking about life—mainly how expensive it is, and all the things they will be expected to pay for that they might not have considered. It will not only help them better understand personal finances, but also learn to work with others and compromise to determine how household money is spent. Students will use the internet to do research to find options and costs for their proposed budgets to make the experience as real as possible.

This team activity will place your students in charge of their own budget and financial decisions. The students will get ‘paychecks’ and oversee the payment of their ‘bills’ along the way. Through a series of pay day tasks, teams will present their solutions to the class and draw a That’s Life card – teaching them real life unexpected expenses (and profit) that may come their way. 

Download the full classroom guide (under image to the left) for playing Stay Out of the Red with your students and watch their critical thinking and research skills start cranking! The PDF will have everything you need from instructions to printable That’s Life cards.

Have fun helping everyone stay out of the red!