Read Between the Lines

CPAs do everything from investigating white-collar criminals to acting as business managers for rock bands and everything in between. Some accounting jobs require a lot of travel, either to other businesses around the block or to destinations around the world, while others keep you closer to the home office. No matter what a student’s interests are, there’s a job in the CPA profession that’s a good fit.

For this exercise, have your students read the following five profiles from the Real-Life CPAs section of Start Here, Go Places.:

Dan Dehner
Steve Vaughan
Jeffrey Debolt
Donny Shimamoto
Marilou Davido

After they finish reading the profiles, have your students take this quiz. The questions aren’t lifted directly from those profiles, so they’ll need to use their reasoning skills to select the correct answer based on what they read. For example, Donny Shimamoto doesn’t talk about the type of projects he works on, but based on his profile students can get a good idea about what kind of things a CPA who is a Certified Information Technology Professional might do.

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