Pin the Task on the Accountant

In just about any story, from the latest sports superstar getting traded to the release of a new tech gadget, an accountant played a part in what happened. The only problem is, that critical individual is rarely, if ever, credited in the article. What better way to prove this timeless truism than by choosing a random article from the day’s paper, selected by a student wearing a blindfold, then letting the whole class do a little digging as they talk through how accounting could’ve been involved?

For this activity, all you’ll need is a copy of a recent newspaper. Open it to any spread, or choose the cover if you prefer and affix it to a wall in your classroom. Choose one student to blindfold, spin around and point toward the paper. As the student approaches, fingertip extended, the rest of the class waits to see where the fateful finger will land. Once an article is selected, the blindfold is removed and the class applies critical thinking in talking through how accounting could’ve played a role in the article’s events. (If the blindfolded student lands on an advertisement, you can insist on a re-spin or discuss the involvement of accounting in whatever service or product is being promoted.) The student offering the best insight gets to go next.

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