Navigating issues in the workplace

Despite our impressive linguistic abilities, humans are awfully good at miscommunicating with one another. As kids, “handling conflict” often meant dishing out juvenile insults, but as adults, we’ve learned that effectively working through interpersonal issues requires patience and perspective.

For this activity, your students will read through three office conflicts and answer questions that require them to consider each person’s point of view. To get started, download the activity and assign them to groups of three. Then, set five minutes to discuss each scenario and answer the corresponding questions. When the 15 minutes are up, come back together as a class to reflect as a group.

Successfully navigating interpersonal issues in the workplace – or in any setting– requires patience, empathy, and a bit of practice. CPAs are obvious leaders when it comes to guiding business decisions, but their ability to lead others (with or without authority) is just as important. When your students inevitably encounter their first workplace quarrel, they’ll be grateful they had time to rehearse.

Under 30 Minutes
Group activity