Most Valuable Accountant

Some of the most important skills a CPA (or any accountant) can have are communication skills. Yet employers say that their entry-level employees simply aren’t up to snuff with their written and oral communications. This activity is a great way to help students build their communication skills while learning more about the variety of positions they could potentially hold as CPAs.

For this activity, we encourage you to randomly assign the students into small groups of either three or four. Then have them use the Real-Life CPAs profiles on Start Here, Go Places. to find a person whose job really interests them. Once each group selects a CPA, give them a few minutes to work together in their small group to come up with arguments as to what makes that CPA’s job so important and why it would be the best accounting job.

Ask each group to select a spokesperson who will participate in the debate. The two teams’ representatives will go to the front of the class and make their arguments. Flip a coin to see which of the two teams goes first, and allow each representative two minutes to make their case. After they’re done, the rest of the class will vote with a show of hands or a blind tally (so it doesn’t become a popularity contest) as to which team argued its case the best. Then have the next two teams’ representatives debate and vote again. Once all teams have gone, have the class vote on those teams who won the first round of votes to determine which team did the best. You could also have the winners from each previous round face off in a debate against each other until only one team is left standing.

Under 45 minutes
Group activity