Monthly Accounting Crossword Challenge

Think your students know accounting terms and concepts? Our new crossword puzzle activity puts their knowledge to the test time and time again.

A new crossword puzzle will be created each month, drawing from more than 300 accounting terms curated by our in-house experts to keep your students fresh, even during summer break.


How often is the crossword puzzle updated?
The crossword puzzle will be automatically updated on the first of every month.

What kind of accounting terms will be included in the crossword puzzle?
Our in-house experts have curated over 300 unique accounting terms that your students should have learned along their accounting education journey. Terms that may show up in the crossword puzzle include “sunk cost”, “price skimming”, and “internal audit”.

Can I choose what accounting terms appear in the crossword puzzle?
The crossword puzzles are automatically generated each month from a word bank, so customizing words is not possible.

Can the crossword puzzle be printed for in-class use?
The crossword puzzle is not available in a printable format at this time. Students can complete the crossword puzzle online and email their answers to you.

How can students submit their answers?
Students can submit their answers to you via email. When they complete the crossword puzzle, they can include your email address at the bottom of the puzzle, and it will be sent directly to your inbox.

Is there an answer key?
Yes. You can access the full list of clues and answers using the 'Answer key' button on the right side of this page when you are logged with your verified educator account. When a student submits their crossword puzzle assignment to you, you’ll receive an email with their answers indicating which are correct; however, the correct answers can only be found on the answer key. Tip: use the keyboard shortcut 'Ctrl + F' on the answer key document to search for the desired clue.

Are crossword puzzles archived?
Past auto-generated puzzles can be accessed at the bottom of the current month’s crossword. If you prefer to use a previous puzzle, you can copy the unique URL and share it with your class.

Will new crossword updates stop after a set time?
There is no established end date at this time. For the foreseeable future, a new crossword puzzle will be created every month for your students, even during summer break.