Hula Hut

Today’s accountants are doing even more to guide strategic decisions and evolve businesses thanks to the emergence of new technologies. Task-oriented projects that once took up sizeable amounts of time are now being automated, allowing accountants to focus on generating actionable insights and creating business partnerships.

This emphasis on emerging technologies has redefined the skill sets required for entry-level positions. Employers are now actively recruiting accounting graduates who have a firm understanding of skills like artificial intelligence, blockchain and data analytics.

To help your students begin to build foundational technology skills needed in today’s workforce, we partnered with Accounting is Analytics – an online accounting resource hub for teachers – to provide data analytics activities for both in-person and virtual classrooms.

In this activity, students will review fixed asset records from a well-established fictitious restaurant, Hula Hut. They will use a data set in Microsoft Excel to prepare a fixed asset schedule using pivot tables. The activity will also require them to analyze the data by answering questions concerning the company’s fixed assets.

The downloadable activity includes a student worksheet with the restaurant data set and tutorial videos, and the answer key includes the pivot table solutions.

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