How to Make it Rain: A Guide to Finding Scholarships

Scholarships. For some, it’s an affirming word. A beacon of hope that their dream education won’t end in student debt so deep that they’ll never crawl their way out of it. For others, it sounds illusive, unattainable or altogether irrelevant, with similar odds as winning the lottery. For others still, the word ‘scholarship’ brings about a feeling of anxiety and existential dread—another weighty to-do on their ever-growing list of college-related actions they must take.

Students may experience one—or even all—of the above regarding scholarships. Or they may have some other association entirely. Regardless, it’s important they understand the breadth and depth of scholarship opportunities available to them as well as the varying levels of involvement applications require.

This handout will help them shift their thinking about scholarships and finding the ones that would be worth applying for based on a wide array of criteria, as well as provide tips to help make scholarship season as stress-free and fruitful as possible.