Hot Potato

Students spend most of their time in class sitting. Day in and day out. Week after week, year after year. So what better way to break the monotony of the everyday school daze by getting students out of their seats—and literally forcing them to think on their feet?

All you need for this activity is a list of true or false questions (based off of the accounting principles you’ve been teaching in class) and a Start Here, Go Places.® beach ball—which you can conveniently get for free via the handy link to the right over there: Request for My Classroom.

If the weather is nice, take your class outside to add some fresh air to the mix. If not, your classroom should do just fine. Have your students form a circle. Ask the first question from your list and throw the ball to the student you want to answer. Once a student catches the ball, he/she has 5-10 seconds (or whatever length of time feels appropriate) to answer ‘true’ or ‘false.’ If they answer correctly, they get to throw the ball to the student who they want to get the next question. If not, they return the ball to you and have to sit down. Work your way down the list of questions until only one student remains standing. That student is declared the winner and can either get extra credit, a prize or another reward you think is warranted. You can also request free swag to give out to winners when you request your beach ball.

Be sure to let us know how much fun your students are having with this exercise by posting action shots and winners’ pics with #SHGPHotPotato. Happy accounting-related quizzing!

*Of course if you simply can’t wait, you can use your own ball in the meantime—bouncy, stress, medicine (if you really want to make things physical) or otherwise. But we think a free branded beach ball works best, so request yours now and we’ll go ahead and get one in the mail to you. Hint: Use the "Request for My Classroom" link at the top right-hand corner of this page.