Guess Their Salary

Money is one of the biggest motivating factors for students when it comes to choosing a career to pursue. And accountants don’t work for peanuts – especially not CPAs. (In fact, they typically make at least 15% more than those without a CPA license.) Learning more about how much your students could potentially make (in a variety of CPA positions) could make a career in accounting much more appealing to them.

Using the downloadable list, have your students guess how much money the CPA with that title makes and have them write it down on a piece of paper. Then have each student hold up his or her answer. The student who guesses the highest number within that salary range (without going over) can either choose to take that job at the salary they guessed, or pass on it with the hopes of getting a different job with a higher salary in the next round. Once every student has claimed a job, the student who guesses his or her salary within the closest margin to the high end of the job’s salary range wins. In the event of a tie, have the tying students guess the salary of a randomly selected additional job, with the closest guesser being declared the final winner.

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