Do Work Worth Doing: For the World & Your Wallet

In this exercise, students will explore the emerging world of Environmental, Social and Governance or ESG-related accounting to identify or imagine a position that sounds interesting to them.

Before starting their research and completing this worksheet, engage your students in a class discussion about environmental, social and governance matters. As a conversation starter, a high-level overview has been included on the worksheet. Discuss the various benefits of ESG becoming a part of common—and fiscally responsible—business practices. Be sure that the discussion includes the personal benefits of being a part of this developing focus area in accounting, too.

Once the worksheets are complete, students can present their job to the class. In addition to introducing students to more possibilities for the future, this activity also allows them to develop their presentation and public speaking skills—both of which are important for CPAs in any practice area to have.

Online activity, Presentation