You’ve been teaching accounting principles to students, diligently answering questions and making sure they’re grasping the material. But what about the question of ‘how can I use this stuff in the real world?’ This online activity helps answer that question by serving up a variety of potential accounting jobs tailored for each student.

All it takes is for your students to go online and answer a few quick questions about their interests, preferences, likes and dislikes. Within a matter of minutes, they’ll have a handful of real Certified Public Accounting (CPA) jobs that could be a great fit. 

FutureMe gives students a better understanding of the industries, responsibilities and salary ranges that are available in the wide world of accounting. 

After each of your students have built their FutureMe, consider discussing the activity as a class. Were the questions what they expected? What did they learn about accounting as a profession? What was their favorite potential job and why? Can they think of any other accounting positions or companies that would be even more appealing? (This is starting to sound like the makings of a great mini-research project, huh?)

Use this conversation as an opportunity to discuss the many benefits of accounting, like job security, earning potential, flexibility, high demand, advancement opportunities and tons of options when it comes to roles and responsibilities. It’s also a good way to get them thinking about if they have the skills that make a great CPA

Building a FutureMe doesn’t take long and is a great way to switch gears and get students thinking about their futures. Plus, it can be a welcomed change of pace or reward for completing a chapter in their accounting textbook.

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