Future CPA Career Finder

When it comes to the accounting profession, career options are virtually limitless. From government to emerging tech - and even future jobs that haven't been imagined yet - students of all backgrounds and interests have the potential to find their happy path in the wonderful world of accounting.

That being said, the thrill of unlimited options can quickly dwindle into analysis paralysis if students are left to decide for themselves. Help them narrow their focus with our Future CPA Career Finder (formerly known as the FutureMe builder), an online, 10-question career quiz designed to ease the overwhelm and point them in a direction aligned with their aspirations.

When they're done with the quiz, they'll be presented with a handful of curated job titles based on their responses. You can then bring the class together to share their results as a group and see where their ambitions align.

The Future CPA Career Finder can be accessed by clicking the "View Online" button on the right or on the student side of Start Here, Go Places. under Features & Programs.

Questions? Send us an email at StartHereGoPlaces@aicpa.org.

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