Credit Reporting: Myth or Fact?

The concept of credit reporting is an important one for students to learn before they hit the real world—but it’s also a tricky one. To make sure the principles really sink in, introduce this card-sorting activity in class to see if your students can separate credit myth from fact. 

We recommend running this as a class exercise, but it can also be done in small groups or even individually. First, download and print the set of cards provided. Each card contains a statement about credit reporting that’s either true or false. Next, divide your blackboard or whiteboard into two columns: MYTH and FACT. Have each student pick a card from a bowl, read the statement on it aloud and tape it under the column they think is right. Ask the class whether they agree or disagree, and use the Teacher’s Key provided to assess their answers. 

This activity forces students to think about how the rules of credit reporting apply to real-life situations, from car buying to job hunting. If they haven’t yet fully understood the realities of credit and what a slippery slope it can be, this simple exercise will help. 

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