Create your roadmap: Individual ‘Pathway to CPA’ poster

Many students think of high school as a four-year preparation for getting into college, but often don’t have a plan for what comes after that. Obviously, plans and minds can change, however, taking the time to consider life after college is an invaluable exercise. This future-focused activity breaks down the steps required to earn the CPA license and prompts students to think about their own unique path—both in terms of their immediate next steps and long-term aspirational goals.

To kick off this exercise, review the Pathway to CPA feature on with your class to give them a baseline understanding of the journey before they create their own individual roadmap (should they decide to become a CPA in the future). Then, provide each student with a copy of the downloadable worksheet to get started.

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Want to go more in depth with your class? Our Potential, Prestige & Purpose: An introduction to the accounting profession resource is brimming with valuable information you can use to guide class conversations and expand students’ view of the CPA profession and all it has to offer.