CPA Task Match

This matching game is a great way for students to gain a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of different CPAs.

Start by having your class read up on the following real-life CPAs featured on the site (Ashley Cooper, Angela Ho, Chris Cobb, Richard Ward, Jennifer de Leon and Kelly Richmond Pope). Once they’ve finished reading those profiles, divide your class into groups. Provide each group with all six CPAs’ worksheets along with their own stack of job responsibility cards and some tape. Ask the students to go through the various cards and assign them to the CPA they think would be most likely to perform that task in their role. By the end, each CPA should have four tasks taped to their worksheet. Next, review the tasks and discuss as a class why each responsibility was given to each CPA. The team with the greatest number of correct matches wins.

This exercise helps students drill down on what specific accountants do—and can be used as a conversation starter to discuss accounting career options.