The Cost of Self-Care: BeYoutiful Bath Bombs

In this four-week, real-world learning experience, students will team up to work with a small local business called BeYoutiful Bath Bombs.

Using standard concepts from managerial and cost accounting, students must first calculate the cost and gross margin of four top-selling inventory items. After that, students will evaluate various promotion options and whether a new product makes fiscal sense. At the end, teams will describe how they arrived at their calculations and make recommendations to the business owner via a presentation (with an accompanying slide deck). They will also deliver an Excel spreadsheet for weeks 1-3.

This activity is based off “How Much Money Am I Making? BeYoutiful Bath Bombs Inventory Costing Project”, the 2021 George Krull/Grant Thornton Innovation in Junior- and Senior-Level Teaching Award Honorable Mention, created by Tara Lambert, CPA, MBA, DBA.