Budgeting 101: How to be intentional with your spending

This lesson in budgeting is made up of a handout that teaches students the basics of budgeting, including why having a budget is important, how a budget works, what’s needed to create one and how to use it once it’s developed. The handout also provides an example of a budget. This not only gives students a better idea of what a budget looks like, but also serves as the basis for a follow-up class discussion. 

A discussion guide has also been created with sample questions designed to spur a deeper level of thought and debate. Use as many of the questions in the guide as you like, or come up with your own, to create a whole-class conversation that takes up as much or little class time as you want to devote to it. The goal of this discussion is for students to use their creative problem-solving skills and to think about the things that are most important to them financially. After all, when it comes to budgeting—and life—there are many different ways to approach a problem and find a good solution. And what works for one person, might not work for another. 

Printable, Group activity