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AICPA Accounting Program For Building the Profession (APBP)

High School Advanced Accounting Curriculum and Teacher Training 

Modeled after a class developed by Dr. Dan Deines at Kansas State University, the AICPA Accounting Program for Building the Profession (APBP) provides high-school accounting and business teachers with the tools and training needed to implement a higher-level accounting curriculum in their classrooms.

What is the Accounting Program for Building the Profession (APBP)? 

The APBP's advanced accounting curriculum is a two-semester, honors-level course that integrates managerial and financial accounting to show how accounting facilitates business and narrates a company's inner workings through its financial statements.

A detailed list of the topics covered in the training can be found in this sample rubric.

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How will this program benefit my students?

AICPA research has found the first accounting course high school students take greatly impacts their decision to pursue accounting as a major and career choice.

Many high school accounting classes still focus on bookkeeping and do not adequately prepare students for the rigor of college-level courses. Our curriculum introduces students to advanced content, challenges students to think critically, and gives them a more realistic idea of accounting as a career.

Students who complete the course under an APBP-trained educator become eligible to apply for our AICPA Foundation High School Scholarship and take the APBP Qualifying Exam. With a passing score, high school students can potentially save on college tuition by earning college course credit, advanced placement or both at a university who has signed our APBP University Credit Agreement - a contract between the AICPA and participating universities that outlines the credits and/or advanced placement classes a student will earn upon passing the APBP Qualifying Exam.

How do I become an APBP-trained teacher? 

High school accounting and business teachers must complete an in-person training to become an APBP-trained and verified teacher.

Training registration is FREE*. Teachers who complete the training will also receive:

  • A textbook, teacher notes and PowerPoint presentations
  • Lesson plans and assignments
  • Pre-written-exams with answer keys
  • Refresher videos and webcasts
  • Implementation assistance
  • Continuous support from the AICPA and APBP trainers

* Travel and other costs incurred as a result of the training are the responsibility of the registrant.

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How do I get the advanced accounting curriculum approved at my school?

Need help getting administrators, students, and parents on board? Our APBP Implementation Package contains guides, proposals and marketing materials geared towards students, parents and school officials to articulate how the program can better prepare students for careers in business and accounting.

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