APBP State Society Guide

The state societies' guide to the Accounting Pilot & Bridge Project
The course is modeled after a class that Dr. Dan Deines (CPA and creator of the APBP) developed at Kansas State University. Its goal is to provide advanced accounting curriculum, while creating a better experience for high school students to learn and become interested in the study of accounting.

AICPA research has found that the first accounting course high school students take greatly impacts their decision to pursue accounting as a major and career. Increasing the reach of the APBP course creates a more formalized path for recruiting highly motivated, talented students into the pipeline by providing them with advanced accounting education in high school.

Through the higher-order coursework, students will receive a more realistic picture of accounting as a potential career choice. That's why continued support and resources (from the AICPA and their state societies) will be made available to teachers to assist them in implementing this course and further engaging students in the classroom via Start Here, Go Places.

Goals for APBP training:

  • Build and collect metrics to further the case for AP Accounting.
  • Prepare more teachers to hit the ground running when/if AP Accounting is approved.
  • Provide higher-order curriculum to help teachers in the classroom.
  • Complete the program with the ability to implement all (or parts) of the training.
  • Provide a better experience for students along with a more realistic picture of the profession.
  • Increase the number of students interested in accounting, therefore contributing to the CPA pipeline.
  • Implement as honors credit, if possible.
  • Continue conversation with the College Board to gain AP approval.
  • Support teachers post training through a dedicated section that includes resources on Start Here, Go Places.