APBP Referral Program

Do you know a teacher who could benefit from the APBP: Advanced Accounting program? We’d love to have them at a training during 2020, so we’re making it easy – and rewarding – for you to spread the word.

From now* until trainings start, you'll earn a $20 Amazon gift card for each qualified educator** who registers, attends and completes a training per your referral. All they'll need is your name and email to submit with their registration. Once their training concludes, we'll verify their attendance and send your gift card via email within thirty days.

More advanced accounting courses means more students pursuing their CPA, so leveraging your network will pay off long after your reward is spent. Ready to earn some cash for class? Here are some messages and images you can use to get the word out.

Personal email invitation


Each year, the AICPA hosts a training program all across the country for accounting and business teachers called the Accounting Program for Building the Profession (APBP). It’s taking place in <<location>> on <<date>>, and I thought you may be interested in attending!

The training teaches you how to bring a higher-order accounting curriculum to your students which will give them an opportunity to strengthen their resumes and learn about accounting’s many career paths.

Registration includes breakfast and lunch, a complimentary textbook and post-training materials including lesson plans, pre-written exams with answer keys and refresher videos/webcasts.

If you’re interested, you can register here. If you do sign up, please make sure to mention my name and email in the “Referred by” field. 

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you can attend!

Social media

Use the images and hashtags below to promote the training on your social media platforms. 

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Facebook/Twitter: Accounting and business teachers: want to take your accounting class to the next level? Attend an APBP training this year! www.startheregoplaces.com/apbp #APBP2020 #advancedaccounting #accounting #busedu #CTE #educator

Instagram: Accounting and business teachers: want to take your accounting class to the next level? Attend an APBP training this year! Link in bio. #APBP2020 #advancedaccounting #accounting #busedu #CTE #educator

Link: www.startheregoplaces.com/apbp

We can't tell you enough how much we appreciate the work you do to keep the accounting pipeline strong. We look forward to thanking you – and your referrals – in person at an upcoming training!


The APBP Team
Terms & eligibility: **Both parties (referrers and referrals) must be presently employed by a school district and be registered as an educator on the Start Here, Go Places. website (www.startheregoplaces.com). Referrals must teach accounting or business-related courses. The referrer’s full name and email address must be included on each referral’s registration form and submitted on or after the program start date of Monday, November 18, 2019*. Individuals who cancel a registration made prior to program start date and re-register with a referral are not eligible for this program. Incentive limit is $300 per referrer, per year. Within one month of each referral’s training completion date, the referrer will be emailed a $20 Amazon gift card for each eligible registrant confirmed to have attended the full training. The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants reserves the right to cancel this program at any time without notice. This program concludes on the last day of August 2020.