APBP New Home

Welcome to the new home of the APBP community

The AICPA has acquired the Accounting Pilot & Bridge Project (APBP) and continues to work closely with Dr. Dan Deines, the program's founder, and his team of trainers to grow and implement the program throughout the country.  We're working to establish APBP as a nationally-recognized program.

The newly named Accounting Program for Building the Profession now lives on Start Here, Go Places - which is your go-to resources for all-things related to the profession for you and your students.

Where to Next?

Learn more about APBP and apply for a free training near you.

Head over to the APBP section on the Start Here, Go Places educator's site and learn more. You'll find program history as well as a list of upcoming trainings. While you're there, sign up for your Start Here, Go Places educator account if you haven't already.

Learn more about APBP

Already an APBP trained educator? Check out the resources available only to you.

Visit your exclusive APBP educator section and follow the prompts to sign up or into your Start Here, Go Places account.  Be sure to let us know you're an APBP trained teacher and your date of training on the sign up form or in your account settings.

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