APBP Implementation Package

Ready to implement APBP in your school and classroom? We're here to help with these resources tailored to just that. First, take a look at this How-To Guide which will tell you how to use each piece of the implementation package. Then, move along to customizable Program Proposal Letters which can be tailored to inform key decision-makers of the benefits of bringing APBP to your school. Lastly, check out the Marketing Tools and Resources section below to get the files you need to present APBP to stakeholders and attract students to the class.

image description How To Use Guide (PDF)

This guide will tell you how to use all pieces of the implementation package.

Need to get key decision makers on board and not sure where to start? Whether you are presenting the program to your Principal for approval or informing Parents and Counselors of your new Advanced Accounting course, download a Program Proposal Letter template and personalize it for the recipient. And if you know a CPA who would like to see Advanced Accounting offered at your school, be sure to check out the “APBP Supporter Letter” which they can use to raise awareness of the program.

image description Principal Letter

This letter introduces the course, details its success so far and outlines the benefits of incorporating it into your school’s business curriculum.

image description Counselor Letter

You’re not just looking for kids who are good at math. Use this letter to provide counselors with a more accurate portrayal of the accounting profession and the types of individuals needed for the profession today.

image description Parent Letter

Share this letter with students’ parents to easily explain what your advanced accounting course provides and why it would be beneficial to their child’s high school education.

image description APBP Supporter Letter

Share this customizable letter with CPAs or your students’ parents if they would like to see an advanced accounting course offered at your school. Let your principal hear from them!

This section contains a library of materials you may need to implement APBP at your school. From buy-in from stakeholders to student recruitment, these resources will help pique the interest of all involved.

image description PowerPoint Presentation

Ideal for a presentation to the school board or other group of stakeholders, this deck is designed to get you the buy-in you need.

image description Flyer (PDF)

Print a stack of flyers to share during your school board presentation or as an attachment to the Program Proposal Letters above.

image description Course Description

This course isn’t bookkeeping. Tell students and parents what they can expect in your Advanced Accounting course.

image description Recruitment Poster (Online or PDF)

Hang this in your classroom, the hallways, or anywhere students congregate to pique their interest in the diverse possibilities of a career in accounting.