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The AICPA is collaborating with state CPA societies and/or state departments of education, along with the creator of the program, Dr. Dan Deines, CPA, to help you further your impact by inviting you to attend training on higher-order accounting curriculum called the AICPA Accounting Program for Building the Profession (APBP). 

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You can become registered in any state, not just where you teach.

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We are excited to offer the APBP trainings and we wish we could accommodate everyone. The training is available on a first-come, first-serve basis with a limited registration capacity per location, and trainings are subject to cancellation if attendance goals are not met for a specific location. We understand that unexpected events are possible. So, if something pops up and you are unable to attend please email the APBP team at APBP@aicpa-cima.com.



High school teachers that have been trained through the program in 42 states, to date, and are able to teach the course in their schools.

52% vs 9%

College accounting majors were significantly more likely to have taken an accounting class in high school as opposed to non-majors.


Nearly half of all high school students have either taken an accounting course in high school (almost 21%) or plan to (roughly 23%).

See the topics that will be covered in the training with this sample rubric.


The course is modeled on a class Dr. Deines developed at Kansas State University with the goal of providing a higher-level accounting curriculum for high schools to better prepare their students for a career in accounting. High school teachers who go through the program will receive support from the AICPA as they work to implement the course in their state.

By signing up to be part of the AICPA Accounting Program for Building the Profession you'll learn how to bring your students more advanced, engaging accounting content and inspire the next generation of CPAs.

Exclusively for high school teachers, those that complete the full program will also receive:

  • Daily lesson plans and assignments
  • Pre-written exams with answer keys
  • A textbook, including teacher's notes and PowerPoint presentations
  • Refresher videos and webcasts
  • Continuous support from APBP trainers

Want to participate in an APBP training?
You can become registered in any state, not just where you teach.

Sign up for a training near you!

AICPA research has found the first accounting course high school students take greatly impacts their decision to pursue accounting as a major and career choice.