2016 NAF Bank On It Tournament


Through a unique and exciting partnership between NAF and Start Here, Go Places., we are hosting the first ever NAF Bank On It Tournament. 

Here’s how it will work: 

  • The first 16 NAF schools to sign up will be entered into the tournament.
  • We will confirm your participation and let you know what’s next and when to start playing.
  • Just a heads up: We will need to collect participation forms from each student in order to take part in the tournament. Those forms will be distributed to the 16 schools when we confirm your participation. Forms are due by midnight April 1, 2016. And don’t worry. We’ll be sure to remind you along the way! 
  • The School Tournament Round will kick off at midnight on April 1st and end on April 15th. Following this round our 16 school champions will continue on to play each other virtually.
  • Two additional rounds of play will continue virtually until we reach our final four that will compete at the NAF Next conference on July 18th in Orlando, Florida. Details and dates will be communicated to our 16 participating schools (or can be found now in the Official Rules).

When it’s time to play:

  • Each school will create a Bank On It tournament bracket and play until there is one student champ to represent you! Simply create an account at Start Here, Go Places. as an educator and share your Classroom Code with your students. 
  • Visit the Bank On It resource page to access the game, and browse the Bank On It Educators’ Guide for everything you’ll ever need to know about the game. Click through to the game itself and choose Tournaments in your super-special educator navigation. 
  • Select your tourney players from your student list and launch the tournament! 
  • Your final school champion will be entered into our NAF Tournament Bracket and compete with 15 other champs nationwide.
  • The final four will travel to the NAF Next conference to battle it out in person!

Helpful links:

Have questions? Need answers? Contact us at startheregoplaces@aicpa.org.