The jet lag is so worth it.

If you’d rather be anywhere but here, you’re in luck: there are countless travel opportunities for CPAs. Whether you’re looking for U.S. or international, once a week or once a year, you can find a job that fits you and your inner explorer. Here are some you might find along the way:

Auditor. When you first get out of college and are working toward your CPA license, becoming an auditor for a public accounting firm is a great way to get major experience and frequent flyer miles. You’ll get to work at a variety of different client locations for months at a time, heading home on the weekends or using that time to explore new places. You could do stints in 4-5 cities all in the same year, racking up hotel reward points as you go.

CPA at an International Firm. International public accounting firms, such as any one of the Big 4, have offices all over the world. If you put in a couple of years with one of their U.S. offices after college, you can apply to be transferred to an international office. Show the firm early in your career that you’re hard-working and committed, and you could be rewarded with a move abroad.

CPA in Tourism and Hospitality. The skies are also friendly for CPAs in the tourism and hospitality industries, where you could work for a tourism office, hotel chain or travel company. You’d have your pick of all kinds of positions, from tax accountant (keeping up with local tax laws) to director of finance (managing the big economic picture). You can increase your knowledge of the industry now by job shadowing a CPA at your local hotel or tourism office.


To better prepare yourself for that big international job, study a foreign language. Bilingual + CPA license = companies knocking at your door.