Boost your bandwidth as a CPA.

To keep up with the world, CPAs need to be tech-savvy just like everyone else. Software is constantly evolving to help make the job of a CPA more efficient. If you’re always on the cutting edge yourself, here are some accounting career options hand-picked just for you:

IT Auditor. This is the job of a high-tech sleuth. As an IT auditor, you’d investigate how the numbers on a company’s financial statements came to be. You’d look at the systems in place to produce the numbers, and the security of the network the numbers passed through. Your mission would be to make sure the company is following the law in keeping data and records secure. An IT auditing job is the perfect blend of accounting and technology, and it’s in high demand.

Software Developer. Once you know the ins and outs of accounting, you could use those skills to develop the technology that helps CPAs do their job (assuming you know your way around computer programming). Accounting is a profession that’s always looking for tech-smart people to help make the job easier. You could strike it rich doing just that.

Staff Accountant. All accountants—not just IT auditors—need to stay current with evolving technology. As a staff accountant, you’d learn the latest financial software and use it to keep track of the comings and goings of money at your company. You could do this anywhere, but if you’re really into technology, you could get into the financial department of a company like Apple, Garmin or a cutting-edge biotech firm.


IT Auditors need to be trained in accounting as well as information systems technology. In college, consider double majoring in accounting and computer science or information science before you go on to get your CPA license.