Nonprofit and Education

Help make the world a better-budgeted place.

A CPA license is a huge force of good. Not-for-profit organizations don’t have tons of money, so they need people who can help them balance it—and raise more of it. Meanwhile, the world is always in need of good teachers. Here are a few ways you can lend your accounting skills:

CPA at Your Favorite Charity. Whether you’re a staff accountant, CFO or co-founder, accounting skills come in handy at any not-for-profit organization in any part of the world. Working for one of these groups, you’d be on a mission to make every dollar go far. You’d have to help keep a watchful eye on each expense and show donors that their money is going to good use. It’s hard work, but worth it for a cause you believe in.

Volunteer Accountant. Aside from your full-time job in corporate or public accounting, you could offer your skills for free to an organization in need. There are people that can match you with an organization, or you could seek out one on your own. The local Boys & Girls Club, theater or Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program would love any time you could give.

Accounting Teacher. Someday, you may be bursting with so much knowledge that you just have to pass it on. At that point, you could become a full- or part-time professor at a college. The teaching options are as varied as your career options—you could teach accounting, audit, ethics, taxation and more. You may also want to publish books or articles to really reach the masses.

Know this: You can always start your career at a for-profit company and switch to not-for-profit organization. You’ll be developing the same skills no matter what.