What is an Auditor?


An auditor is a professional who helps determine if organizations and businesses...

1) follow the "rules,"
2) operate with integrity, and
3) accurately present financial information.

Auditors play a valuable role in the financial markets as they work to verify a company's financial health by checking the accuracy of its financial statements.

Five Reasons to Discover Audit

Check out our reasons why you should study accounting and become a public company auditor!



Check out these cool facts about the profession!


Quality Over Quantity

Auditors have skills — and not just the technical kind. The best auditors also possess great communication, people and leadership skills. They have the ability to see the big picture even while wading through the minutia, and are also known for being visionaries with strong instincts and even stronger ethics.


What to Expect When You Choose a Career in Auditing

Get a first-hand glimpse at what audit life is really like from several young public company auditors. These selfie-style videos showcase the exciting opportunities and perks that make a career in auditing so appealing.

AuditorProud 2016 Highlights

So what exactly makes a group of accounting professionals #AuditorProud? Probably more than you’d think. Check out this video for a look back at the best social posts of 2016.

Public Accounting Firms Have Your Back!

Accounting firms know people are their most important asset. That is why the profession works hard to ensure that you are always in the know and make the best of your professional
development. Here are some ways public accounting firms can assist you with your professional and career development.


College & Financial Aid: What are My Options?

While you’re planning your next steps, you may also be wondering how you'll cover the cost of attending college. You may be curious about what you will need to do to get into college? High School guidance
counselors likely have an abundance of information to assist you on your journey, but here are few resources to get you started that have proven helpful for some.


Public Company Auditing: A Path to a Dynamic, Purpose-Driven Career

Auditing is one of the many directions you can go with a career in accounting. This one-pager highlights some of the best reasons to consider this highly desirable (and prestigious) branch of the profession.


Oh, the Auditors You Know, the Places They Go!

These quick profiles encapsulate the journeys of a diverse group of auditors to show where different lifestyle and career choices in auditing can lead you (and how much money you can make along the way).

Meet Caleb Williams


Meet Elijah Naveed


Meet Emilia Martinez


Meet Ethan Rutherford


Meet Kai Nguyen


Meet Meagan Halter


Meet Sebastian Cole


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