CPAs: Keeping Every Industry on Track

Accountants are the unsung heroes of pretty much every sound financial decision that’s been made since, oh, Ancient Egypt. During the last twenty-odd years, CPAs have become some of the most important decision makers in business. Because they understand their companies inside and out, they often hold the answers. Their superhuman ability to create, analyze and interpret financial info makes them the first to know where the company stands and where it’s headed. Which you know, is good for job security.

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Led by Ming Lu, an accounting professor at Santa Monica College, this video takes you down the career paths of three young CPAs in various industries. Hear first-hand what it’s like to work as a CPA in the fields of education, tax, business and industry and forensic accounting.

If it wasn’t for CPAs, businesses wouldn’t know when to invest more capital. Or when to grow. Or downsize. They might even be out of compliance with current laws. Make a point to bring those things up in your annual review and they’d be hard pressed not to give you a hefty raise.

There are also tons of cool jobs for CPAs you may not even know about. Like financial forensics. Not all crimes involve a chalk outline. Join the FBI or other law enforcement agencies and you could help investigate and stop white-collar financial crimes. 

Are you a pop culture junkie, movie addict or die-hard music fan? Turn your love of entertainment into a career as a CPA for big name stars, movie studios, musicians and authors. Botox is one way to have longevity in Hollywood, having an accountant who keeps you in the black is another.

Or maybe you’ll find that teaching accounting is more up your alley than actually being a CPA. An accounting professor is a worthwhile and satisfying career, and with demand for CPAs increasing, it’s also become a marketable one.

So there you have it. Just a few examples of career paths you can take that can make a real difference and keep your interest for years to come. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your own exciting path, one no one has thought of yet.