Career Options

Pizza eating. Whale watching. Punk rocking.
Whatever your interest, you can turn it into a career in accounting.

Select an interest area and see how accounting can take you there.

Have the itch to work in Hollywood? Countless career options await you in entertainment.

If you live on the cutting edge, see what options exist for you in technology.

Behind every sports team, network and event are the accountants and CPAs making it happen. Discover your opportunities in sports.

Seriously, what does our country do with all that money? Find out with a career in government.

The world needs more do-gooding accountants and CPAs. See your options in nonprofit and education.

Were you born to bust bad guys? Find your career in criminal investigation.

Even the business world has room for the eco-friendly. Take a look at accounting careers related to the environment.

If your bags are always packed for your next destination, read up on careers that tap into your love of travel.

Love to eat, shop and be merry? There are closets full of opportunities for you in food and fashion.