Destination: Atlanta, GA

With Durran Dunn, Senior Manager, Internal Audit at Graphic Packing International, LLC

Durran Dunn is a successful CPA with industry expertise in manufacturing, construction, healthcare, financial services, technology, non-profit and distribution. He is also an inspirational public speaker, track star and family man. On a daily basis, Durran sprints throughout his organization to ensure effective risk management and internal controls and overcomes hurdles to ensure regulatory and safety compliance with their risk-based approved audit plan.

Born and raised in Jamaica before migrating to New York, Durran now travels the world for business and athletic competitions. After graduating and completing his Wall Street internships, he started his career in public accounting at KPMG while playing semi-pro football. In his current role at Graphic Packaging International, LLC in Atlanta, he leads internal activities ranging from enterprise-wide risk assessment, SOX compliance, operational value-add audits, and mergers and acquisition activities. He also serves as a business-trusted advisor for the Audit Committee to communicate findings on emerging and changing risks that include cyber security, anti-bribery and privacy.

Outside of the office and off the track, Durran can be found inspiring others to be their best selves through coaching and public speaking.

Topics included:

  • His background, education and career paths
  • Why he decided to become a CPA
  • His typical work day and the responsibilities of his current role
  • His life, personal interests and hobbies outside of work
  • The mindset and skills that make him successful