Destination: Vera Bradley, Inc.

with Chris Cobb, Assistant Controller

He's got his accounting career "in the bag."

Chris’ journey to CPAhood began with Tootsie Rolls. Today, he helps sell highly sought-after fashion accessories, designed and distributed by the rapidly growing company, Vera Bradley. 

On this Virtual Field Trip, you’ll join Chris as he shares his experiences as a CPA. Travel with him through his college years, his first internship and his entry into the world of accounting. And hear Chris’ answers to questions posed by other students just like you. 

Want to know more? Get the scoop on Chris before watching his Virtual Field Trip. Check out his Real-Life CPA profile.

Discussion starters for the classroom:

  • What did Chris mean when he said: “Accounting is the language of business?”
  • Can you explain the difference between public accounting and a career as a CPA in the private sector?
  • What are ways you can acquire good communication skills in high school to help you in your future career?
  • Do you think you would rather be a CPA in a small accounting firm (like Chris was in his internship) or a public accountant at one of the Big 4 firms?
  • What do you think is the coolest part of Chris’ job? Is there a big company that you would like to work for as a CPA?