Spin the wheel and see your future come into focus. Neat, huh? Take a whirl to reveal a variety of potential CPA jobs and their salaries. (Because everyone wants to know that, right?) For each career, you'll see a few nuggets of information specific to your choice. You'll even have the chance to click into more detail to find related Career Option information throughout our site.

Pricing bandages and hand sanitizer.
Advising the board about a new Pediatrics wing.

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$122,000 - $500,500
Showcasing blingy baubles and squeeegee-ing display cases
Tracking revenue and spending from multiple sources (inventory, advertising…)

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$79,500 - $147,000
Counting cash and loops on roller coasters at the same time
Keeping the good times rolling by ensuring everyone gets paid

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$61,250 - $130,250
Keeping weekend warriors and pro athletes hydrated
Leading a global team of experts and (maybe) getting Super Bowl tickets

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$106,500 - $264,000
Signing invoices for steel-toe boots and night-vision goggles
Serving your country and keeping tabs on military spending

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$39,750 - $98,250
Fixing barcode information so every item rings up correctly
Sniffing out network security risks and improving processes so customers can keep saving
$78,500 - $150,500
Deciding which kind of beans to count first
Setting business strategies, choosing new locations, and keeping caffeine-addicts happy

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Pushing papers, avoiding turf wars, or both
Using data and reasoning to put away bad guys

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$78,750 - $149,750
Fetching snacks and collecting fan club dues
Helping the money-challenged hang on to their fortunes

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Sitting in a dark office surrounded by gamers 24/7
Working and playing hard within industry rules and copyright law

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$65,750 - $106,000
Pinching pennies on taillight bulbs and valve caps
Making sure the next big thing in small cars is affordable and profitable

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$54,500 - $103,000
Making sure people's posts are appropriate
Ensuring everyone, from the CEO to the janitor, plays by the rules

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$88,000 - $167,250
Putting stacks of coins into paper wrappers for counting
Developing strategic investment strategies so customers can make bank
$101,250 - $190,000
Enjoying a corner office, a fat salary and tons of influence
No, you pretty much had this one right the first time

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