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Scholarship Overview

ACAP is an innovative career development program designed specifically for high school students from historically underrepresented ethnic groups entering their sophomore, junior or senior year in high school in August or September. The program’s primary goal is to increase the number of underrepresented students of color that attend college and major in accounting, finance or business. The ACAP summer residency week will be held at the University of California at Berkeley. The summer residency program will include supervised corporate visits, team building activities, lectures and fun. And it’s FREE.

After attending the residency week, ACAP alumni will be part of a network that offers opportunities to attend social activities and receive a college scholarship. All ACAP students are encouraged to participate in our alumni program and to utilize their new network of contacts in furthering their educational and personal development.

Scholarship Background
ACAP is a nonprofit organization. Development of the ACAP began in 1980, when the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) became concerned about the small percentage of underrepresented ethnic groups entering the accounting field. After recognizing that preparation for a business career should begin in the early years of high school, the Seattle Chapter of NABA decided to design a pilot program that would encourage students of color to participate in a college preparatory residency week program that would expose students of color to accounting and other fields of business. In 1989, a group of Bay Area business executives, educators and NABA representatives formed ACAP locally to continue the pursuit of the program objectives as described below.

An eligible applicant must be/have:

  • Have a proven history of academic achievement (“B” grade point average or above preferred; however, all interested applicants with a desire to participate in the program will be considered)
  • Attend a local high school in the San Francisco/East Bay/South Bay Area
  • Complete the enclosed application, which requires the approval of your parent or legal guardian and a reference from your school counselor/teacher
  • Submit a copy of your high school transcript
  • Have completed your freshman (9th), sophomore (10th) or junior (11th) year of high school. Our board will review your submitted application. If selected to continue to the interview phase, you will be contacted in May.
  • Attend a 30-minute interview as part of the program selection process
  • Interviews tentatively planned for early June.
  • Final program decisions will be made by mid-June.

    Your application package must be received via email at

    The electronic application package must include the application, statement of interest, transcript, approval of your parent or legal guardian and a school counselor or teacher reference as a single email with the required documents attached for consideration.