Is Community College right for you?

If you’re still on the proverbial fence about whether community college is right for you, carve out some time for a visit. It’s the best way to get a feel for the campus vibe. But before you go, be sure you do your homework about the pros and cons:

Pros:  (Maybe we’re just biased, but there are tons)    

  • More affordable than most universities. Financial aid and scholarships are also available to help you write that tuition check without breaking into a cold sweat.
  • More convenient. Because they’re right in your, um, community, this allows you to mooch free room and board off your parents for a few more years if you want. And having home field advantage lets you hit the ground running with your studies.
  • More welcoming. Most have an “open-door” policy, which is another way of saying everyone is welcome. High school dual enrollees, traditional college age students, career changers, and just love-to-learners (you know who you are).
  • More high school friendly. High-school students can take college level classes to reduce future tuition costs and impress college admissions folks. Plus, it’ll give your Mom bragging rights at book club.
  • More flexibility. Offering several different degree and career programs give you lots of choices: One-year or less certificate programs, two-year Associates degrees, and even four-year Bachelors degrees. Pick a degree or program, any degree or program.
  • More access. Guess who winds up teaching many of the classes at 4-year universities? Graduate assistants.  Meanwhile, community college professors teach their own classes. And with extensive office hours for meeting with students, they’re also very accessible.

Cons: (It was tough, but we managed to scrape up a couple.)

  • Not all campuses have dorms, or offer intercollegiate sports or campus clubs and activities. But many do. So be sure to sniff them out.
  • Not all course credits are transferable to other colleges and universities. But most are. Inquiring minds should inquire (do your homework).

Now that you’re well-informed, go forth and talk to your tour guide intelligently.

The stats:

  • To help you decide if a community college is right educational experience for you, here are some facts about America’s community college students according to the American Association of Community Colleges:
  • 44% of all undergraduates attend one of over 1,100 community colleges in the U.S.
  • 25% of current high school seniors will attend community college next year
  • Over 80% of all community college students work at least part-time
  • 29 is the average age of a community college student. 
  • Minorities account for 30% of community college students. 
  • Women account for 58% of community college students
  • Average community college tuition is about $1,518 per year

Real-Life Accounting Student

Freddy Ishola
Senior | Utah State University
Learn to enjoy everyday as it comes.

Freddy had the opportunity to meet with Carlotta Walls Lanier from “The Little Rock Nine” and was able to discuss life in the 1960s, her struggles, and her eventual triumph over segregation in one of the most racists states in the United States.

Freddy also participated in a South America study abroad venture where he visited Chile, Brazil and Peru. While there, he gained knowledge about and an appreciation of the role culture plays in business environments.

My Advice:

“High School students need to be aware of the brevity of life. You should learn to enjoy each and every day as it comes opposed to dealing with the worry that comes with staring into the future. The world will pull you into a position that has you obsessing about what moves to make next; alternatively, I would argue that you focus on taking care of business today and let tomorrow work itself out.”


Favorite Sport:


Favorite Movie:


Favorite Actor/Actress:

Denzel Washington

Favorite Class/Teacher in High School:

Human biology (ironically, couldn't stand math)

About Freddy:

If I won a Million Dollars I would...:

Likely need heart surgery. After recovery, time to shop!!!

My Dream Vacation Would Be…:

A simple trip to Hawaii with good friends and family

Best Advice I Ever Received:

To stop viewing myself in relativity to others. The only person I need to compete against is myself.

Famous Person I Would Love to Meet (Living or Dead) and Why:

Nelson Mandela for the simple fact that he revolutionized and revitalized a nation with his spirit.