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Wade G. Becker

Wade G. Becker

Regional Managing Partner
ParenteBeard LLC
Syracuse, NY


Wade Becker brings adrenaline to accounting.

A self-described “risk taker,” Wade has tried everything from skydiving to SCUBA diving to riding dirt bikes in Costa Rica and even flying his own plane. He has sailed in the South Pacific, learned how to electrically wire his house and traveled the globe. All while being an accomplished CPA and partner of one of the top 25 accounting firms in the U.S.

When he’s not flying planes or jumping out of them, Wade is traveling up and down the east coast managing audit and accounting duties for clients in the manufacturing and distribution industries. At times, he has flown his own small plane to meet clients in person and advise them on the financial aspects of their business.

“I love the flexibility of the job,” he says. “While the career is demanding at certain times of the year, I was able to take 15 days off last year during my down time and experience a diving trip that I thought would only happen when I retired.”

The people he works with, Wade says, are another great perk of working in audit for a large regional firm.

“I have clients and colleagues who will be lifetime friends,” he says.

If you plan to become a globetrotting CPA like Wade, he says you’ll need preparation, dedication, focus and tenacity.

And a little risk-taking won’t hurt, either.

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I have clients and colleagues who will be lifetime friends.

Stats at a Glance

Years as a CPA: 19

Best job: My job today – Regional Managing Partner for Central New York

Worst job: Working at a poultry operation to relocate chickens from pullet houses to egg-laying houses

Hobbies outside of work: SCUBA Diving, Piloting small planes, wakeboarding, and snowboarding

Pets: A German Shorthair pointer

Words to live by: "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift."