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Anthony Pugliese

Anthony Pugliese

Senior Vice President, Finance, Operations and Member Value
AICPA (that’s us)
Durham, NC


What do you do when you’re not sure where you want to go? If you’re Anthony Pugliese, you start somewhere that can take you anywhere. “To me, accounting was the clear way to learn all of business and allow myself to branch into other areas if I so desired,” he says. “They say ‘all roads lead to accounting’ and there is a lot of truth to that.”

For Anthony, the ideal journey is one with ever-changing scenery. “In my role, I’ve got insight into IT, HR, Internal Audit and many other areas,” he says. “CPAs get to work with lawyers, public relations professionals, actuaries, HR professionals…you name it.”

So what does he like most about his current position? Take a guess. “Diversity and challenge are key, and I get them both every single day at work,” says Anthony. “What I do now involves about seven different departments here. It’s kind of a juggling act sometimes, but that’s what it takes to keep me happy.”

His free-time activities reflects spending time with his twin daughters Brooke and Chloe and his love of new experiences. “I'm an avid traveler,” he says. “And I have the fortune to have a job that brings me to places around the globe.”

Anthony is also the current past Chair of the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce and also serves on the Board of Directors for the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce and is very actively involved in the Human Rights Campaign.

If you’re the type of person who likes having more than one thing to do all the time (and the expectation to do it all well), take a tip from Anthony and get licensed as a CPA. It guarantees you’ll have his – and potentially your – most important job perk: “Variety, variety, variety.”

But remember, Anthony says, that it’s about the journey, not the destination. Here’s his favorite saying, by that very wise and often quoted source, “Anonymous”: “I have searched for many years for the definition of Success. It turns out that there are as many definitions as there are seekers, and that success lies as much in the attempt as in the achievement.”

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They say 'all roads lead to accounting' and there is a lot of truth to that.

Stats at a Glance

Years as a CPA: 23

Best job: Working in a hospital emergency room in college to pay tuition

Worst job: Short order cook

Hobbies outside of work: Travel

Pets: A dog named Molly

Words to live by: “Success is personal.”