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Suzann Medicus

Suzann Medicus

Chief Executive Officer
3418 Group Inc.
Clarksville, Maryland


Suzann Medicus has one word for you: “Resiliency.” The dictionary defines it as “the ability to recoil or spring back into shape after bending,” but to Suzann it means taking whatever life gives you and finding a way to succeed.

As CEO of 3418 Group Inc., she knows a little something about success. She took a love of numbers and helping people and turned it into a three-decade career. Now she’s at the head of her company and even serves as an adjunct professor, teaching new students about accounting.

A typical day for Suzann could involve her advising a client about a tax issue, or studying ways to help them better manage their business, or helping her students at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County where she's an adjunct professor, or maybe you’d find her working with a local homeless mission in the afternoon. (She’s active in working with the homeless – experts on resiliency themselves.)

As you might guess, her advice is about being ready for anything. “No matter your career,” she says, “Accounting will come in handy. If you’re in info tech, you’ll have to handle a budget. If you become an entrepreneur, you have to know the numbers of your business.”

“It sets the field for many, many career opportunities.”

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No matter your career, accounting will come in handy.

Stats at a Glance

Years as a CPA: 36

Best job: Current job

Worst job: Partnership

Hobbies outside of work: Reading

Pets: Dogs and cats

Words to live by: "Live with resiliency and follow the golden rule."