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Shawn Mauldin

Shawn Mauldin

Dean of the College of Business
Nicholls State University
Thibodaux, LA


Why go into accounting? For Shawn Mauldin, the answer was simple. “I found it very challenging.”

Huh? Don’t most people want to avoid things that are difficult, and take up cushier pursuits, like farming dandelions or freelance couch-sitting? Not always, and not Shawn.

Dr. Mauldin – that’s right; he also earned his Ph.D. – got a Master of Business Administration from Nicholls State University (where he’s now Dean of the College of Business Administration) and kept right on learning. After starting his career as an accountant, he tried his hand at entrepreneurism and opened his own business in the oil field industry. He's also the incoming President of the Louisiana Society of CPAs. Tough stuff.

After that, he started teaching – another notoriously challenging profession – and “did not look back,” in his words. It may be difficult, but he loves education. “I’m part of an environment that lets students pursue their goals,” Shawn says.

He’d also like to help you pursue your goals, especially if that includes getting your CPA certification. “You will have a skill set that will allow you to succeed,” he says. “in any career path.”

Even a challenging one.

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I'm part of an environment that lets students pursue their goals.

Stats at a Glance

Years as a CPA: 30

Best job: Dean of the College of Business

Words to live by: "Maintaining integrity is the key to a successful and rewarding career."