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Robert Riesenberg

Robert Riesenberg

Director of Finance
Dolphin Stadium
Miami Gardens, FL


“I love what I do and I love where I do it,” says Robert Riesenberg, and it doesn’t take an eagle-eyed quarterback to see why. He’s the guy in charge of finances at Dolphin Stadium.

Robert says he’s “lucky” to have merged his love of sports with his professional career, but maybe luck wasn’t the only thing working in his favor.

After all, he does have one of the most respected and marketable credentials a person can get. That’s bound to open up some options for you: “Every business needs a CPA. So yeah, the career choice does give you a lot of flexibility.”

That flexibility has worked out well for this hardcore sports fan. “One day I’m working on the Super Bowl, the next maybe the Orange Bowl, after that a Madonna concert, then it’s some Marlins or Hurricanes games…”

He’s certainly seized the opportunity to, in his own words, “do the perfect job in the perfect place.” It’s clichéd to say, but there’s not much else to call Robert’s job choice besides the obvious: “Touchdown.”

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Do the perfect job in the perfect place.

Stats at a Glance

Years as a CPA: 11

Best job: Current job

Worst job: Sales

Hobbies outside of work: Playing with his kids, Sports, Travel

Words to live by: "Love what you do and where you do it!"