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Michael Kassouf

Michael Kassouf

L Paul Kassouf & Co., P.C.
Birmingham, AL


Some people get their workday underway as soon as the sun comes up. Michael Kassouf’s way ahead of them.

“The night before, I’ll glance at the calendar,” he explains, “to see my obligations for the next day. It helps me mentally prepare and to make sure I am on time, where I need to be in the morning.”

Michael was just as ahead of the game when it came to preparing to become a CPA: “I attended the University of Alabama and received my B.S. in accounting in 2001. Then I did an internship before attending graduate school at the University of Texas, where I received my Masters in Professional Accounting degree in 2003.” After that, it was less than a year on the job before he’d passed the CPA exam. “That was an incredible feeling,” reports Michael.

Moving along with his day at work, “You’ll find me working on financial statements, tax returns, consulting engagements, etc.,” he says, “and most likely interacting with clients, which is one of my favorite things.” That’s more or less a mini-version of his position as a whole, in which Michael gets to help people and organizations solve compliance problems and other issues. “My job is anything but boring,” he says.

After work, he’s probably tackling one of the many activities he’s taken up after launching his career. “I am involved with United Cerebral Palsy junior board as well as the Young CPAs of Alabama,” Michael explains. He’s also an avid sports fan, especially when it comes to Alabama football and NASCAR.

And at the end of the day, how does Michael reflect on what he accomplished at the office – and in his career so far? Happily. “It’s very rewarding,” he says. “I go home every night and know I helped someone to the best of my ability.”

Must make for a good night’s sleep.

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I go home every night and know I helped someone to the best of my ability.

Stats at a Glance

Years as a CPA: 11

Best job: Consulting for Emergency 911 services

Worst job: Peer Review - work paper cleanup

Hobbies outside of work: Alabama Football, NASCAR

Pets: 2 dogs named Bebe and Louie

Words to live by: "Don't sit around and wait for the answers to come to you. Instead, be proactive and seek the knowledge you need to make an informed decision."