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Kristen Guzman

Kristen Guzman

Senior Accountant
Kuenzi & Company
Salem, OR


As a student at a U.S. military school in England, Kristen Guzman was like most teenagers, occupied with popularity and friends. “I wish I would have known that focusing on my future was more important than worrying about what the popular people thought of me,” she says. But she knew that planning for her future was important too.

While finding her future, Kristen got married and traveled around Europe, living in Turkey, Germany and England for seven years before settling in Spokane, WA. “After getting settled in Spokane, I started college at a local community college and then transferred to Eastern Washington University,” she says.

Kristen always is on the go and that’s why she chose to study accounting in college. “There are so many different areas of business that need accountants, that I decided it would be a good career with a wide range of possibilities,” she says. “I don’t think an accountant ever has an excuse for being bored with their career.”

Now living in Oregon, Kristen is often meeting with clients, which is why she suggests that anyone interested in a CPA career should brush up on their communication skills. “People skills are one of the key areas that recruiters are focusing on these days,” she says. Employers are looking for these skills because CPAs have extensive interaction with the community.

It’s the variety of life that keeps Kristen jazzed. That, and being able to offer sound business advice, help companies succeed and go to a job where every day is different.

“If you want to have a successful career with unlimited possibilities, becoming a CPA is one of the best ways to make that happen,” Kristen says.

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I don't think an accountant ever has an excuse for being bored with their career.

Stats at a Glance

Years as a CPA: 6

Best job: Of course this one, public accounting

Worst job: Cleaning crew at a campground

Hobbies outside of work: Scrapbooking, sleeping, reading and being with my family

Pets: A dog named Buddy

Words to live by: "Make every decision as if it will be known publicly."